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Potatoes Could Increase Chance Of High Blood Pressure


You can mash them, fry them, boil or bake them; however, a new study is claiming that any form of potato (even chips) just may also enhance an individual’s chances of high blood pressure.

According to the study, consuming four or more servings of potatoes has now been connected with an 11 percent increased risk of high blood pressure for females, versus one potato serving monthly. Additionally, women or men increased their chances of high blood pressure by 17 percent, if they consumed four or more servings of fries.
The study also revealed that substituting one potato serving daily, with a vegetable that is of non-starch, can decrease the risk of blood pressure by seven percent.

Apparently, MSN reports that the factor is the high glycaemic index (GI) within potatoes that could pose the problem. Foods high in GI tend to release energy quicker, which ends up increasing one’s blood sugar at a quicker rate as well. The researchers went on to state that meals that are high in GI also tend to be linked with dysfunction of cells, inflammation, and oxidative stress, which are all vital elements within the progression of high blood pressure.

The researchers also reviewed other factors within the study, including the weight of individuals, however, the results remained the same. The study reviewed data from over 187,000 females and males, from three large American studies, over the past twenty years.

Earlier this year, a different study revealed that pregnant women who consumed potatoes also enhanced their chances of diabetes. The results of that study included a 27 percent increased risk of diabetes while pregnant, for those women who consumed two to four potato servings weekly. Just one serving of potatoes increased their chances by 20 percent, versus those who ate less than one serving weekly; body mass index was a factor taken into consideration during the study.

Still, those women who ate over five servings weekly, jumped to a 50 percent increased chance of diabetes. Additionally, when females replaced their two potato servings with other veggies, whole grains, or pulses; they decreased their risk by about nine to 12 percent.





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