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Pregnancy Health Includes Vaccines As Well As Good Nutrition


The moment you find out that you are with child your whole outlook on life changes within an instant. Every morsel you put into your mouth you definitely think about what, if any, potential harm it can do to your unborn child, and it can become somewhat of a part time job aiming for the perfect pregnancy.

Recently, the Indianapolis Recorder released some details on the importance of vaccinations during those nine months to ensure protect your baby to the fullest.

Whooping cough can be a very serious illness if the mother or baby develops it during the first year of life. For this reason, pediatricians are starting to recommend that not only parents get the vaccine, but their caretakers do as well, such as grandparents, or nannies. The ailment is incredibly contagious, and is easily prevented by getting the vaccine. You may have seen the current viral video that has been spread all over social media by an Australian mother that is showing the dangerous sides of having a baby that contracted the cough. It certainly sheds some light on the importance of prevention, which is why she has chosen to post it with the hopes that other kids will not have to endure the same battle.

The terrible cough can be fatal for babies, and can easily be transferred by the mother if she develops the flu during her pregnancy. It is ideal for the Mom-to-be to get vaccinated between 27 and 36 weeks of their pregnancies. This can usually be done at your family doctor’s office, or you can even visit a local pharmacy or clinic in most cities that offer low cost vaccinations. If you’re insured, most likely a portion of it, or the entire shot will be covered.

The symptoms to look out for with whooping cough are a runny nose, and cough of course, but often people assume that they have a common cold, and don’t get it treated until it has fully developed. Experts say that after a week or even two of being sick, the patient begins to have a very severe cough that literally forces them to see a doctor, then if it is found to be whooping cough, it can be treated with antibiotics in most cases.





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