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Pregnant Server Gets Surprising Tip


It’s a time of year when people becoming happier, full of love, and sometimes more generous. A Phoenix, Arizona bartender and server recently felt the love by receiving a lovely surprise from a patron of her restaurant in earlier December, that blew her away.

Sarah Clark, the server in question, received a $900 tip from a customer recently. As Clark stated, she would hear about things like this happening, but never dreamed it would happen to her.

CNN reported that the tip will undoubtedly be a huge help to the server, as she is currently in her ninth month of pregnancy. Sadly, as is the practice in the restaurant business, Clark will not get any paid time off, and to boot, her finance will also be off work (temporarily) due to surgery on his knee at this time as well.

When Clarke looked at the receipt, she was floored and couldn’t believe the amount she was looking at, at first, because the tip was so high. As she noted, it took some time for the idea to set in, $900 is a lot of money, and she adds that once she realized what had happened, she cried as well.

The client who left the big tip is no stranger to the establishment. She’s been in before and has had many conversations with Clark in the past. She’s also no stranger to Clark’s situation, as the customer is pregnant as well.

Clark added that the money is sure to help her and her growing family out this season. With her being off on maternity and her fiancé not working, there won’t be any income coming in. The tip, she noted, is going to help with bills and rent.

On top of the generous tip, the customer also left a beautiful note on the receipt for Clark, stating that the tip is God’s money – he gave it to her, so she could give it to Clark. The note added, “God bless”.

Yet another story proving that there are good people out there in the world, looking to help those who need it.





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