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Pregnant Women Taking Antidepressants May Have Babies That Suffer Serious Health Risks


Being pregnant is supposed to be one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can have during your lifetime, but for many it can often be a very trying time full of emotional rollercoasters that are often very challenging to overcome. Being pregnant can often cause your mind to be sensitive to situations that it ordinarily wouldn’t pay much attention to. You’re eating for two, you’re sleeping for two, and often that means you will be experiencing lots of times when you feel the need to start crying, or get angry, or just overall depressed. While these usually go away once the pregnancy is over and the baby is born, as you can imagine, this can make for a very long pregnancy for the Mother to be, as well as her entire family, friends, and coworkers.

For many, many years, it was unheard of for women to even confide in others that they were experiencing a bout of depression during their pregnancies, it was sort of taboo in a sense. Never was it a common practice to have a physician administer antidepressants for women that were pregnant as the sheer fear of what implications the medications could have on the unborn children was not totally known. Fast forward to 2016, and pregnant women taking antidepressants is no longer a taboo topic of discussion, but more a common practice. The more we learn as a society about the seriousness of not treating depression properly, the more women are able to get the care they need without worrying about the perception of it all.

While it’s wonderful that these Mothers to be can get the care they deserve, they may not be entirely in the loop for what side effects may ensue once the baby is born.

In a recent article published by Nature America, there were findings of newborns requiring intensive care as well as having speech and language delays later in their toddler years in babies of Mothers that were taking some antidepressants during their pregnancies. Of course, this isn’t to scare women away from taking their medications, but the best course of action is to always talk in great length with you’re prescribing physician to ensure that any concerns are addressed prior to taking any new medications.


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