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Preschoolers Not Learning Communication Skills Over Using Smart Devices Too Much


If you’re like millions of other parents, chances are likely that you’ve encountered a day or two where you struggled to get your child’s attention away from their faces zoned into a screen. Smartphones, iPads, and wireless notebooks have taken over the globe. They serve a massive purpose as far as providing a source of knowledge to virtually look anything up you wish to learn about, but they also become extremely addicting; especially for younger people.

The economic times reported that in 2016, studies are showing more and more younger children starting to decrease in communication with their families due to being glued to a screen of some fashion. Preschoolers for instance are not replying to their Mother’s request to brush their teeth, or get ready for dinner. That was preschoolers! Three and four year olds are not engaging in basic, day to day conversations with their parents and siblings which can be a huge problem.

Children, especially those of preschool age desperately need to learn dialogue and how to converse with others properly. Pausing when asking a question, or waiting their turn to speak, things of this nature are crucial for children to develop right on track with their peers. Upon entering kindergarten or first grade, they could be behind as result of not having enough human contact or speaking with others on a constant basis.

There was also some findings in the article that showed those Moms with advanced education degrees often had their children engaging in more educational practices such as learning apps only on their devices, or monitoring their kid’s time on the devices.

There’s a lot to be said about getting outside and learning about the world in more traditional methods. Traveling as much as possible, cooking together, or doing science projects as a family can truly help your child’s brain grow. Even though most are juggling extremely busy schedules, if possible, try to set aside some 30 minute sessions where you engage in a learning activity at home with your kiddos. This will encourage education and get them pulled away from their devices for a little bit.





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