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A Quick Walk Each Day And Consuming “Real Food” Keeps Heart Disease Away


Everyone knows that getting exercise each day is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, but recent developments have reported that walking for just 22 minutes per day can keep heart disease at bay. Heart disease is taking the lives of over 400 residents in Britain alone, with some 7 million Brits living with heart disease. Experts are reporting that coronary artery disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that drastically be reduced by simply walking for 22 minutes each day, and eating “real food”.

The Mirror further explained that doctors are reporting that putting an emphasis on cutting out dietary saturated fats is not always successful in winning the battle against heart disease. Instead, they recommend incorporating a Mediterranean eating style, that is packed with anti-inflammatory goodness, which can be found in foods such as olive oil, veggies, and various nuts. Eating this way can be preventative in heart disease, and they feel that there has never been adequate evidence of linking saturated fats to cardiovascular disease.

They are also reporting that not taking stress into consideration is a huge mistake for those seeking to prevent heart disease. Stress is not healthy for your mind or body whatsoever. It can act like a poison throughout the body, by putting strain on your heart, inducing chronic pain in muscles and joints, and by rally taking a toll on your energy level. Stress highly contributes to cardiovascular challenges, and is one of the main reasons why heart patients are taken to the hospital. Mediation, and diligently trying to get adequate sleep at night can be life changing for those suffering with stressful lives.

Of course, no one is implying that it is bad for you to consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a bad thing, instead they are advising that incorporating a day to day diet of mostly low calorie foods is not the answer. Doctors advise that the vast majority of these low calorie foods are modified so much that they aren’t healthy for the consumer. Stick to fresh foods that haven’t been modified too much, and set aside time each day to get your 22 minute walk in to improve your chances in beating heart disease.





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