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Ready To Actually Enjoy Exercise? Here’s How:


If you read that article title and laughed out loud, then this piece is for you! Yes, you most certainly can live an active lifestyle and have a bit of fun whilst doing it. The biggest problem with those that absolutely dread working out are usually suffering from starting off with the wrong goals initially.

Many of us that want to put the hard work in, and have the right attitude about fitness simply start off on the wrong foot by making their initial goal way too far out of reach. They want to lose twenty pounds in two weeks, but that’s not going to happen unless you’re doing something terribly dangerous or merely losing water weight. To get on a positive start, you have to be realistic with your goals.

Next, according to Australian Vogue, you have to engage in fitness that you enjoy! It’s really that simple! Don’t pay ahead for twenty spinning classes if you hate spinning class. You will dread going there, and it will become a chore rather than a place where you burn off calories and stress.

Mix it up. Living in a very fast paced world, everyone becomes complacent at some point. You have no desire to eat the same food for lunch for a year straight, and the same theory applies to fitness. Your body has muscle memory, and it can cause you to be stuck in a situation where you’re still doing the same workout that gave you success in the beginning of your journey, but you aren’t losing weight because your muscles are stuck in the same routine. You need to do something different each week, or month. The more you mix things up, the more success you’ll have getting stronger and leaner.

Happiness is crucial to being healthy; the two go hand in hand. If you aren’t seeing any success with your current routine then switch it up a bit and stay accountable of your goals by tracking your eating and creating a journal of your progress. Once you see the tangible results that living healthy can bring, it will most likely have you hooked for life!





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