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Is It Really Healthier to Eat Gluten Free?


A decade ago not too many people could walk into a shopping market and even remotely identify which foods contained gluten and which did not. In 2016 however, you can’t go anywhere without seeing labels and sections in grocery shops dedicated solely to gluten free foods. Why the change? What exactly in gluten, and is all of this really necessary?

Gluten is basically just a protein that you consume in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale products. Gluten is necessary in these foods to provide volume to dough and give it some form of elasticity. Because of this new “wheat belly” epidemic, there has been an immense amount of attention on products that are gluten free and why you should eat a gluten free diet. This new wave of living gluten free has already created an industry worth over $10 billion, and is anticipated to double that revenue in just four more years.

Taking your diet and what you put into your body seriously is a wonderful way to live your life, but when it is too much? Those who originally required a gluten free diet were people that were living with celiac disease or those that had a sensitivity to gluten. Such is no longer the case, as statistics are showing that some 33% of Americans just simply avoid gluten consumption altogether.

Is gluten really bad for you? For some yes, but the alternatives to gluten in foods is often worse for the human body than eating the actual gluten. When you remove it from so many foods, it still has to be replaced with some other ingredient, and all too commonly, those replacement ingredients are forms of starches that give your body a massive sugar jolt. Is there a way to be gluten free and not compromise your health?

Business Insider reported that the issue seems to come into play when shoppers are going to the store and only choosing their gluten free foods for the week based on labels that say “gluten free”. This is when all of those replacement starches and ingredients you can’t pronounce are listed on food packages and you end up often eating far worse. Instead, opt for healthy choices that you know are going to be a grand slam. Salads, tofu, swapping out sugary sodas for water and so forth. There are tons of resources on the web for free where you can learn all about the truth behind eating a gluten free lifestyle the healthy way.


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