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Do You Really Know What Causes Beer Belly?


Remember when you were in your twenties and could down a few cold ones numerous times a week and still retain your six pack abs? Gone are the days of excessive drinking without paying the price the next day trying to function at work, and trying to still fit into your favorite jeans. How does this actually happen so quickly? How do we go from being in our twenties and virtually bulletproof, to living as a 30+ adult and struggling to keep our figures?

It turns out that if beer is a part of your daily routine, you most likely will have to go through the beer belly phase, especially if you’re a male. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve eaten the same way for years, not changed anything in your activity level, so what gives? Well, research is showing that beer can solely contribute to the extra pounds around your waistline purely based on calories alone. Most don’t really think about how many calories are in the beer they drink, but if you added it up each week, you might solve the weight gaining puzzle.

Recently, the BBC reported about this very topic, claiming one beer is roughly 150 calories. That’s just your average beer, now, if you enjoy the IPA variations, such as Sierra Nevada, that’ll run you a whopping 231 calories per beer! Think of how many of those you can consume during a night out with friends, or even just after work at home? Those calories add up, and most people aren’t just consuming the beers, they’re having appetizers, snacks, or even full meals out a restaurant on top of the high calories in all the beers. If you go out the following morning for some greasy breakfast, then you’re just adding on the calorie mountain there, and now you see how quickly it can destroy your waistline.

If this sounds all too familiar, experts recommend increasing your activity level each week to account for those beers. Or simply, drink less, and the pounds usually will just fall off similar to when someone stops drinking sodas altogether. Start walking each day if sports just aren’t your thing, and you will notice a difference, not only in your weight, but in how you sleep, and your daily energy!





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