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Recent School Bus Fire Fuels More Parents Commuting Their Kids To School


When you get your little ones ready in the morning for their day, you never even remotely consider their safety getting to school being something to worry about prior to running out the door. In 2017 however, more and more parents are taking their children to school via car versus allowing them to take the school bus, but why?

For a multitude of reasons, such as some parents just enjoy the extra time each day with their children taking them to school themselves, while others just feel safer transporting them and skipping the while yellow limousine deal. Recently, a horrible school bus fire in Charolette caught the attention of many nationwide, as children were onboard the bus at the time of the fire. Thankfully, none of them were injured, which is miraculous, but more importantly, why did the bus catch fire in the first place?

WBTV advised that CMS Transportation Company, who operate the buses, have employees speaking out now about their private concerns regarding bus safety. Many of the buses aren’t exactly up to snuff according to some bus drivers, reporting that the upkeep and maintenance aren’t being properly handled day to day. This isn’t the first time this particular bus company has been under safety scrutiny, as records indicate one bus was over a decade old that reportedly was suffering repeated coolant leaks causing fires, and smoking uncontrollably.

There is not much training you can provide to a child riding the bus on fire safety other than teaching them to get off the bus as quickly as possible and run for cover in the event of an explosion. Otherwise, the best policy to ensure your kids are safe is to walk or drive them to school yourself, but realistically, millions of parents just don’t have that type of flexibility int heir schedules. Another option would be starting a commuter route with other parents in the neighborhood taking turns dropping and picking up a group of local kids to avoid the bus option. It’s a personal choice, and one you that may require totally changing your daily routine around, but for some parents, driving their children helps them start the day with a safe start and a few more minutes to bond each morning!





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