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Refraining From Physical Activity Is Worse Than Smoking


The benefits of physical activity is well known, not only for your body, but mental health as well; however, new research takes it one step further by revealing that no exercise is far worse for one’s health than smoking cigarettes, heart disease, or diabetes.

CNN revealed that the study team reviewed data retrospectively for just over 12,000 individuals who did a treadmill exercising testing at the Cleveland Clinic from January 1991 to the end of December in 2014. The goal was to analyze all-cause mortality linked to the benefits of fitness and exercise.

About twelve percent of participants were linked to the lowest exercise rate.
The study team revealed that the biggest thing to come of the research was the fact that physical activity produces a longer life span, with zero limits when it came to the benefits around aerobic exercise. Research in the past has been concerned around ‘ultra’ exercisers at an increased rate around death; however, the study revealed that was not the case.

The benefits of fitness were shown across the board, in both males and females, yet the risks in mortality for those who don’t exercise were shocking, and according to the study team, they were stronger than who smoked, had diabetes, or even an end-stage illness. The team stated that those individuals who didn’t perform strongly on the treadmill test had close to double the chances of those who are on dialysis and kidney failure.

The risk linked to death for individuals who had a sedentary lifestyle versus the top fitness performers in the test were linked to a 500 percent higher chance of death; which is about three times more than that of a smoking. Meanwhile, it seems that even those who exercise a bit, only have a 390 percent increase, versus those who exercise on a routine basis.

Which clearly proves, once again that adding exercise into your lifestyle has no limits when it comes to health benefits.





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