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Are We Too Reliant on Medication?


These days more than any other generation we rely heavily on prescription medications. It’s almost an epidemic that we can’t do anything without taking some pill these days. It seems like we don’t want to even bother trying to get it done by natural methods people instead just go out and grab a pill. It’s pretty scary how easily we rely on pills instead of trying other methods of relieving the most mildest of pays in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even need a pill all that badly, we feel the beginning f pain and grab something without seeing if he will disappear on it’s own in a few hours. Many times a headache is due to lack of sleep or being hungry and as soon as you can rectify either issue the headache goes away without needing a pill.

We can virtually get pills for any ailment we want. Have a headache? Grab a pill for the pain. Can’t sleep? Take a sleeping pill. Upset stomach? Problem Focusing? PMS? Pill…pill…pill. When most of the stuff can be taken care of with a cold compress, laying down or a little relaxation. But instead we go straight to the pills just for convenience sake. The pharmacy counters are just filled with pills, rows and rows of pills for colds, flu’s, headaches and that’s just the over the counter pills.

Don’t get me wrong medications can help and they have help relieve terrible pain and some ailment but when it comes to common everyday ailments we are too quick to grab the pill. Our generation uses pills are for frequently then ever in history. Every year 16 million scripts for Oxycontin are written, or 5 million scripts for sleeping pills or how about 18 million pills for antidepressants. It’s shocking and how many ailments could be dealt with in other ways before a script is written?

People today are turning to drugs in order to fix their lives without trying to fix the problems first without the drugs. And because of that we sometimes end up with bigger problems. There are sometimes that the pills we take cause more harm than good. For example how many times have you heard of someone taking pain medication due to an accident and yet they end up with an addiction due to taking more pills than needed.

Commercials on TV make all these pills seem safe and convenient to use. People see them and think the pill sounds like exactly what they need. Instead many get dependent on the pills.





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