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Research Continues to Prove Why You Need Glutathione Now


Have you checked your glutathione levels lately? Any idea what glutathione is? You’re not alone if you aren’t familiar with it, as most have no clue what it is or why they need to maintain a healthy level of it. Glutathione is something that can make or break your physical and mental health, and it’s a relatively simple way to stay fit, youthful, and mentally sharp.

What is glutathione?

  • It’s a substance generated by your liver that destroys toxins and chemicals by placing perimeters that guard the body from oxidation. Low levels of glutathione can cause basic ailments such as fatigue or a weakened immune system, and high levels of it can result in less illness, delayed aging, and keeping your body toxin free.

What has glutathione been used for?

  • Reduction of cancerous cell growth
  • In conjunction with chemotherapies to optimize patient recovery
  • Alzheimer’s disease patients generally have low glutathione; it greatly aids with dementia
  • Decreases your risk of cardiac arrest
  • Used as an asthma treatment
  • Helps repair illness related to sickle cell anemia
  • Used in pulmonary fibrosis patients
  • Increases male fertility function
  • Improves skin complexion, aiding in lightening of dark spots
  • Used in Parkinson’s patients
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Improves thyroid ailments
  • Boosts your immune system to prevent common colds, and infections
  • Helps with symptoms of autism in children and adults
  • Aids in building immunity and energy levels after giving birth

Why are we only learning about glutathione now?

Glutathione has been out on the market for years, but some patients have only been able to obtain the molecule via prescription drip in a medical office setting. The more we learn about self-healing through herbs, vitamins, and minerals, the more we are treating ourselves with nonprescription agents. You can inquire about glutathione with virtually any medical professional, and they will most certainly know what it is, and give you a laundry list of why you need to have enough of it in your system at all times.

When you reach the ripe old age of “20”, your body automatically decreases the production of glutathione. You can obtain it through certain foods such as kale, or cabbage, however once you cook them much of the nutritional properties are lost during that preparation phase. You can get a glutathione intravenous drip in some health salons across the globe, but it’s usually rather expensive, or not exactly something the general public wants to go endure on the weekends.

Many have analyzed the validity of utilizing a glutathione supplement, with the thought process that it can’t possibly survive throughout the digestive process, and that is true for the most part. There are also glutathione injections you can endure, but again, those never enter the cells for the best results. You can find a slew of glutathione products being hustled on the web, but only one or two of them have scientific patents and research backing them up.

There are a plethora of studies conducted on glutathione benefits, but these recent findings by Nutra Ingredients are particularly interesting for those of us that workout regularly. How many times have you gotten ten minutes into your workout and you realize you just don’t have the gusto to keep going? Glutathione comes in to the rescue and starts building up that needed energy, in addition to helping you recover after a grueling workout.

Here’s an eye opening thought to consider; how many centenarians do you know personally? {Centenarians are those that have lived to exceed 100 years of age} Not too many I presume, but not surprisingly doctors have confirmed that the vast majority of living centenarians have high levels of glutathione! Maybe you have no desire to live to be 100, but you certainly don’t want to increase your risk of disease, infection, illness, aging, and mental duress all by not having enough glutathione. It’s a simple fix, and one that pays off tenfold. Do your research, and step up your glutathione for better health!





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