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Research Leaning Towards Telephone Therapy For Kids


In 2016 it’s no secret that youngsters are without question living day to day with more social pressures than any previous generation. Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s there was no pressure of what your peers were saying about you on social media. There wasn’t as many single family or children of divorced parents trying to blend in either. These developments can often add to stress and anxiety for children of all ages, which in turn, causes different needs therapeutically speaking. has recently released details explaining how kids are now voicing a preference to facilitate their therapy sessions with counselors via telephone. The Kids Helpline is a support system allowing children to practice their therapy just as they wish through online and telephone options. They are reporting that the majority of their clientele is preferring the phone call version of support, even though this generation is obsessed with the internet and using computers, they still feel strongly about receiving their therapeutic advice via phone call.

Statistics from the Helpline are showing results of phone services being used via phone at 81%, with internet web based services coming in at 11%, and their email services with only 8%. Strange that even the email route isn’t in higher demand with all the kids that have smart devices and phones with email services logged in all day, but if phone therapy is the way to help any child, then the organization is thrilled to provide that support.

In related news, visitors to the Kids Helpline company website has grown by 35% in just two short years, between ’13 and ’15. Special attention has been paid to the Tips and Info section where parents or kids can read up in a self-help fashion. There are an ala carte of topics to support such as sexuality, dating, and relatable family issues. This easy-to-follow page makes getting help simplified, and has proven to be useful as it now has 65% more website viewers than in previous years.

Not a surprising stat, but 71% of those who have contacted the organization for help in some way, have been female. Girls are more likely to desire talking out anything that upsets them, or gives them anxiety or fear. Most of the children using all of the services have been between the ages of 13-18 years old. School counselors always encourage a healthy relationship between parents and kids at home, as it may be the first place they go to for support.


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