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More Research Shows a Connection With Endometriosis and Preterm Labor


Year ago, the term “endometriosis” wasn’t as common as it is today, with maybe one female in your life that you knew lived with the ailment. Now it appears as if the medical condition is spreading, and rather quickly too. This condition is when the lining of the uterus causes pain to the patient and can be linked to many other female health concerns. Some may find trouble even conceiving, but to then learn that once they are pregnant that they may continue to suffer from even more health troubles, can be rather unsettling.

Recently, Bustle released some interesting research conducted in the UK that revealed that endometriosis currently affects over 6 million ladies, young and old, all over the world. Pregnancy complications are becoming all too familiar with ladies that already have endometriosis and doctors are linking the two issues more and more each day. They have been found to experience more ectopic pregnancies, and suffer from early miscarriages as well. What may be even more frightening, is that researchers have found that once the pregnancy woman reaches past the 24 week period (where most would assume they are totally safe and in the clear) they can suffer from even more health complications due to the endometriosis. Experts are reporting the pregnant moms-to-be can often develop hemorrhaging, and break their water way too early with little movement.

The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary inside the United Kingdom is where Dr. Lucky Saraswa is employed, and she reports these findings are nothing new and very common. The statistics don’t lie, and the numbers are coming in at 76% of an increased risk for the females with endometriosis to potentially endure troubles during an otherwise normal pregnancy. Then fact that the pelvis becomes inflamed quite a bit even without the endometriosis patient being pregnant has a lot to do with the complications during a pregnancy. Once the fetus begins to develop inside the uterus, the patient suffers from symptoms such as cramping, bleeding, and early labor. If you feel you are having any of these symptoms even without an endometriosis diagnosis, please consult with your OBGYN at once to eliminate any possible concerns.





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