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Ronda Rousey Spills The Beans On Her Beauty Routine


When you think of Ronda Rousey, you likely go to that image in your memory of one tough chick that that does the wicked arm bars from the UFC mixed martial arts franchise. And that image is just fine to keep with the professional fighter, but as of lately she has become quite the megastar in her own right. From catapulting her MMA career into a pro-wrestling and film superstar, millions of women may be wondering how does she keep it all together?

The married beauty recently admitted to In Style magazine that a lot of what she and her husband, fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne, is mostly what they can grow on their own property themselves. From fresh meat that Travis hunts himself, to apple chips that are one of her favorite snacks, Ronda is a living testimony to the whole “you are what you eat” age old theory.

She also reports trying to maintain healthy hair by not messing with it unless she has to for work. Rousey is an avid fan of coconut oil, using it on her skin and her hair. Her workout routine consists of yoga, pilates, rounds on the punching bag, and of course any training she completes each week to stay fresh for her career in the World Wrestling Entertainment company.

Ronda advises that she “thinks it’s good for girls to get sweaty and grungy and let themselves just not be perfect all of the time”. The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is accustomed to having Vaseline smothered all over her face from training and previous pro matches, which she says she uses a product called “Malin + Goetz grapefruit cleanser” to get all the yuck off her skin.

Whatever routine she’s doing to stay healthy from the inside out is working, as she has never looked more healthy. Perhaps it’s from being recently married, or from hitting yet another huge goal off of her list joining the WWE; but regardless Ronda is on fire and her go-to tips are definitely working!





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