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Are You Running Low On Your Zinc Intake?


For the most part, KBC advised that most Americans are not getting anywhere near the amount of vitamins that their bodies require to function on all cylinders by any stretch. It isn’t just a minor set back either, as not getting enough vitamins can have some serious repercussions.

Did you know that not intaking enough zinc can lead to some major complications like growth retardation, mental health challenges, and difficulty maintaining your focus all day at work or school. Severe zinc loss can also lead to hair thinning and hair loss, digestive troubles, impotence and a slew of other sexual mishaps. No one wants to live with the often crippling side effects that low zinc can bring, but the problem seems to be that most don’t even think about the mineral.

In 2018, unless you are eating a raw diet, or keeping track of all of your foods and their nutritional content, odds are you’ll have no idea how much zinc you may or may not be getting. The obvious and easiest way to control it is to take a zinc supplement each day. You may surprise yourself by what changes you might see taking over from getting the much needed mineral into your system. Better skin for instance is one great example of how wonderful zinc can be to the body. Having more focus, or being able to take on a busy day with less feelings of being overwhelmed or exhausted are also common.

Another way to stay on track of what you’re putting in your body is to take an at home definitely test. You can grab one on Amazon where you just take a blood sample from your finger, or you can take the mineral hair follicle test which can be very informative for you and your doctor. Taking the results to your medical professional can offer much more insight to what foods you may need to avoid, and which ones you need more of to stay in the best overall health possible.





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