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Is It Safe To Color Your Hair Whilst Pregnant?


There doesn’t seem to be much that you actually can do in 2018 that won’t be criticized, and if you are pregnant be prepared to have the keyboard warriors come out of the woodwork to tell you everything you can’t do while carrying your baby. It’s upsetting to many Moms out there, and rightfully so. We don’t recommend downing a case of beer every weekend with your pregnancy, but can coloring your hair actually not be that big of an issue?

For years now it seems that so many Moms harshly go after other Moms if they color their hair during those nine months. The folks at Celebrity Insider revealed some interesting tidbits on the topic given to them from the American Pregnancy Association that may put an end to the web experts. They reported that semi-permanent hair dye is not considered highly toxic, and that it is safe for women to use. The thought prior was that the fetus would be able to be exposed to the chemicals, but they are now saying there is no threat to the fetus because so little it even consumed through the skin.

Perhaps this will end the controversy that TLC star, Jinger Vuolo has been living with since posting a photo of her wonderful, pregnancy self with what appeared to be a highlighted new hairstyle. There are loads of comments on the photo of people having an issue with her dying her hair as she is 38 weeks pregnant currently. While it’s understandable to have to live with a certain level of transparency when you’re on television, imagine being at the very end of your pregnancy and really needing some positivity to get through those last few days, and the general public slamming you over your hair. Hopefully the positive comments outweigh the negative ones, and we wish the Vuolo family a speedy and healthy delivery of their little girl!





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