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Is It Safe To Skip Sunscreen On Not-So-Sunny Days?


It’s super cloudy outside today, so save yourself a minute or two and skip the sunscreen application, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Seeing the clouds outside may be incredibly deceiving for most, as millions of people are leaving their homes each morning without the proper use of sun protection, and that is possibly the worst thing you can do to your skin.

Sunscreen used to be something we all only lathered on if we were about to spend the entire day soaking up the sunshine at the pool or beach. As years went by, experts weighed in on the topic trying to provide the public with plenty of knowledge on the crucial importance of sun coverage for your skin. We’ve now learned that you don’t only need sunscreen when going out for a swim, but that you need a light coating each day that you will be walking out of your home. Its as simple as that really. If you’re going outdoors, you absolutely must place on some form of protection for your skin.

ABC 17 News recently reported that skin cancer is on the rise, and fewer people are actually using sun protection, which is startling given how the public is fully aware of the dangers of skin cancer in 2018 than ever. Why on Earth anyone would not use skin creams now is bizarre, but dermatologists are strongly urging you to take the utmost care of your skin. Having a check up each year to see if you have any questionable moles developing, or parts that may require biopsies are also very imperative to catching skin cancer early on.

Moral of the story here, do not skimp on the importance of treating your skin with caution. Your skin is like your teeth, you only get one chance at keeping it beautiful for life. With the smallest amount of attention each day, you can keep your skin glowing and free of sun damage over the years.


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