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Are Those Salads You Keep Eating Really A Healthy Choice?


In terms of making wise food choices, one would presume that salad is always a winner without question, right? It’s definitely a better choice over the junk foods that are available, but some experts are warning that if you are munching on prepackaged salad mixes, you could be missing out on a large amount of vitamins that are lost throughout the packaging process.

Mary Ann Lila is a food scientist for North Carolina State University, and she revealed that most of those bags of salad mix found at your local grocery store can be lacking in Vitamins C, and B. Some packages of spinach for instance, were found to have lost half of their folate just after being in the refrigerator for eight days. While some of these of products aren’t scoring so well, others such as iron and calcium were found to do rather well maintaining their value during the storage process.

While these findings were nothing monumental in any health hazard type of way, they should be considered when opting for a healthy salad for lunch or dinner. Perhaps instead of grabbing that convenient bag of shredded lettuce, experts suggest that you prepare your lettuce or spinach at home instead of using the precut version. What you lose in preparation time, you gain in vitamins, so it’s a win-win!

The story, recently posted in the NY Times, came to quite a surprise for most who read it, as millions of shoppers are under the impression that they are making a good decision with the packaged lettuce. It still is a better choice than eating chips for dinner, but if you can help it, and have the time to prepare your greens at home, that’s the best way to ensure that you’re still getting every mineral and vitamin in your healthy meal.





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