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Scary Rise in Children Being Left in Cars While Parents Run Errands


Every parent in the world knows the feeling. You have a sick child strapped in a car seat that just fell asleep and you have to run in the drug store to pick up her medicine. The absolute last thing you want to do is disrupt a sick toddler for two minutes just to run and pay for something, but for safety reasons, you are obviously torn as you don’t want to leave your child unattended in the car. What do you do?

For most, this is a very easy decision for millions of Moms and Dads, but there are many that are on the fence about what the best decision is for them. There are a ton of things to consider when deciding to leave your little one in the car. For instance, is there an older child perhaps a teenager that can be in the car with them? If so, then the child being alone isn’t really a horrible issue as the older child can in most cases, make adjustments should anything arise. Are you running into a neighbor’s house to drop off mail, or are you doing grocery shopping for a longer extent of time? It’s all of these questions you need to review prior to ever deciding not to tote your child along with you.

Sadly, each day it seems another news story comes out where a child was left in a car that wasn’t running for too long and the result was hospitalization, or tragically, even death for some kids. While it may seem like a no-brainer to not leave your children in a car with no air conditioning running during the hot summer months, there are tons of people that haven’t had the same thought process. Some parents even when questioned by police after finding their child abandoned in a car have said they “forgot” they left their child there. Harmless mistake, or worth prison time? As reported by a Dallas NBC affiliate, that’ll be the decision one judge will have to make over a case just like this in the McKinney area.

Police, EMS, and firefighters are strongly advise against leaving children in vehicles, even if the parent thinks they will only be a minute or two. Store robberies, carjackings, and even car accidents can occur in the smallest amounts of time that seem otherwise harmless to quickly run in and out without a child present, on top of heat exhaustion, and other health challenges that can develop. Always think on the safe side when it comes to your little ones, or take another adult along with you to provide a chaperone should you need to run errands and can’t take your son or daughter along with you.





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