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Is Sharing Makeup A Huge Health Issue?


In 2017, courtesy of social medial tutorials, you can now learn basically every makeup trick the pros use on the most famous celebrities right from the comfort of your living room. Kylie Jenner is a great example of someone that millions of young girls are striving to copy, and she not only started showing her fans her makeup tricks, but she catapulted her success by creating a makeup line that turned into a huge hit. Due to the amazing ways women are learning to contour their faces with these videos, makeup sharing has never been more popular. Is it safe?

When you think of sharing makeup, it’s an extremely common practice for those in the teen demographic, as well as in cosmetic stores; the problem is, most shoppers are totally unaware of this. Imagine running into your favorite local makeup shop and buying a product that someone already returned and used on their own face? Would you question the sanitary aspect of using it after a total stranger? Some yes, others not at all. This personal choice may however, have some serious health risks if not shared properly.

Doctors advise that’s it’s never a wise idea to share anything that you use in or around your eyes, mouth, or on your skin. We all have germs, and can pass on infections in the first swoop of that pretty eyeliner. According to Global News Today, since you may never know the store return policy on every single cosmetic purchase, it’s best to always steer clear of items that can be double dipped. Lipgloss, eyeliners that are in liquid form, or tubes of mascara for some great examples. When in doubt, you can always inquire if the store returns cosmetics to be safe, and if so, proceed shopping with caution.





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