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Sherwin Williams Offers EPA Approved Paint That Kills Germs


In 2016 households all over the world are starting to realize how much they can control the health and well being of their families simply by maintaining a home with fewer areas to collect germs. Parents are running to stores to buy the most organic foods for their kids, along with chemical free cleansers in an attempt to put up a wall against possible colds, the flu, and various infections developing. Now to add to the list, you can have the walls in your home along for the ride in the great fight against germs as painting giant, Sherwin Williams has released an antibacterial paint called “Paint Shield”.

Guru Focus reported that the incredible paint is a latex one that was approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to stop germs dead in their tracks. It has the ability to protect against many common germs that can have you in the hospital in a hurry such as:

-E. Coli
-Enterobacter Aerogenes

Naturally, with any product that has a multipurpose, it tends to be slightly higher in price, and so is this type of paint. The germ fighting paint gallon will cost you about $89, but the price certainly hasn’t slowed down any sales as the paint is doing extremely well. The microbicidal paint is available in 590 colors sure to have at least one to match your home decor. It’s additionally becoming very popular in all sorts of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, family practice offices, eye care offices, and childcare facilities.

You can never be too protective when it comes to keeping your family and friends healthy and guarded from bacterial illnesses. Spending a day or two repainting your home or office can greatly cut back on days off from from work or school, and endless trips to the pediatrician’s office for infections of all sorts.





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