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Your Skin Turning Red Can Be A Warning Sign Of Alcoholism

While the title of this article may have you shaking your head, read on as it is a growing problem that more and more starting to display. Having red skin or patches of red skin can be from several health difficulties, such as rosaeca, but it can also be from the way your body metabolizes alcohol.

There’s something called transient flushing that occurs as a result of heavy alcohol consumption over the years, and it’s when the body releases histamine from the acetaldehyde in alcohol. Another way that alcohol causes the face to turn red is from the blood vessels becoming enlarged and the brain begins to have challenges from the vascular control is failing due to the excessive alcohol drinking.

Dermnet advised that Asians specifically have this red face after even drinking the smallest amount of alcohol. Patients that have cirrhosis of the liver also often experience spider veins on other parts of their body.

To summarize, the effects of alcohol abuse can be very damaging to the skin all over the body. A lot of people are becoming more aware of how the blood vessels make the skin appear red or flushed, and even more telling if there is a drinking problem with a friend or family member. The telltale “red face” is helping physicians quickly identify if a patient may be trying to hide a substance abuse problem, or if they seem to be avoiding having any blood work done and so forth. Alcohol abuse can be one of the most challenging addictions to overcome as the body craves alcohol and the withdrawal symptoms can be horrific. Most that have been drinking for many years require hospitalization, or inpatient rehabilitation treatment to avoid serious health challenges from withdrawal.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol addiction please contact Alcoholics Anonymous on their website.