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Sleeping In On The Weekend Is Good For Your Health


There is a lot of research that wavers back and forth regarding sleep, and keeping a routine around when to go to bed and wake up in the morning; regardless of whether you have to work or not. Good news for those who love sleeping in now and again, especially on the weekends. A new study reveals that sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday is alright for your health.

The research team gathered over 43,800 Swedish individuals, and asked them questions about sleep habits, with a follow up 13 years later. The study discovered that those who slept five hours or less each night, including weekend, had a higher mortality rate, versus those who slept for seven hours on a regular basis. Meanwhile, those individuals who slept ‘too much’ (i.e. eight hours plus each night or more), also had a poor mortality rate.

However, CNN reported that those who had short sleeps nightly throughout the week and then indulged with a sleep in on the weekends had similar mortality rates to those who had the confident seven-hour sleeps regularly; only for those under 65 and this disappeared once individuals got older.

The study seems to zero on the concept that it’s not necessarily the idea that seven hours is the end all and be all to adult sleeping and health, and some people need more or less sleep than others. However, if short sleepers during the work week are able to catch up for the sleep they lost from Monday to Friday (on the weekends), well more power to them.

It’s important to note, the research did have its limitations when it came to accuracy, as those who participated were asked about their sleep habits, versus being observed.

Still, the good news for those who work a Monday to Friday job, and who may not be getting those solid seven-hour nights of sleep. No worries to you all! Sleeping in can solve that issue and you can do it without feeling an ounce of guilt in the process.





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