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Is Your Smartphone Making You Sick?


We all do it. We all spend entirely too much time staring at our phones all day. Replying to emails, texting, surfing social media to see what our friends are up to, and merely checking the weather, but can our excessive phone habits be making us sick?

Think of it this way, how many times a day to you actually clean your phone? Not in the throw it in the washing machine kind of way, but in the wiping off the germs and yuck we allow our phones to be around all day long. From taking your phone into the bathroom with you, to eating while holding it, to having it tossed around your purse, or your car each day, our smart phones are exposed to endless germs. So much so, that it could even contribute to giving you serious illnesses such as the flu.

According to the WTOC website, Dr. Keith Belcher recently revealed some research after swabbing a phone reporting that ‘they’re both equivalently germy. Both had colony counts that were too numerous to count. We also found bacillus, and we found staph,” he said.

They also advise that testing other surfaces such as the bathroom doorknob, are often far more saturated with germs. Think about after using the bathroom, then washing your hands, then touching the door surfaces. It all totally contradicts the whole washing your hands part if you go to exit the room, touch the door handle, and poof, all the germs are right back all over you, and your beloved smart phone.

Experts warn to make good use of products such as hand sanitizer, which you can use thoroughly after touching doors, and other germ-like surfaces to further protect yourself from becoming exposed to illnesses such as the flu, or strep. Please consider teaching your children about these common cleanliness practices as well, to keep the whole family safe and healthy.





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