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Your Social Media Friends List Might Be The Reason You’re So Stressed Out


You might not be fully aware of how your social media accounts can play a serious role in your emotional state, but boy can they! According to Medical Xpress, there has been so much scientific evidence proving how humans process everything mentally from a photo being liked, to how many views a video they posted had received, that it’s no wonder millions of people are obsessed with the social media craze.

It’s been proven that every time you receive a text, or a notification from one of your social media accounts that someone liked your post, that your brain processes those actions by giving it a shot of happiness by giving it a little blast of dopamine. Isn’t that insane when you think about it? Just by seeing that someone liked your photo your brain feels instantly content? Well, if you can feeling happy by this, then you can just imagine what happens to your brain when you have people on your accounts that cause you stress, and how that can play a role in your day to day life.

Hate when your ex sees what your posting? Have a Mother-in-law that just can’t ever seem to say anything nice on your posts no matter what you post? You’re not alone, as many are seeing an increase in stress just due to those on their friend lists. There’s the friends and family that you simply cannot live without on the list, there’s a few that maybe you work with, friends from school, some neighbors, and maybe some of those people on your list that you have to have on your social media accounts, whether you like it or not. These “obligatory” friends you feel the need to have in your lives are what can cause stress levels to raise just by merely opening your social media apps on your phone.

How to fix it? Cut out the extra chaos in your life by either not being on social media anymore, or just make an account with only a few chosen people that don’t offer anything but the type of responses you’re looking for. Many also have success by only having a personal account versus one with coworkers on it, or vice versa with one just for friends and not family. It’s your account, and your choice!





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