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Is Society Starting to Accept Obesity in 2015?


It’s a fact, adults and kids are getting bigger, especially in America. Food portions are huge in the states, life is about doing things as user friendly as possible, and everyone is working crazy hours in addition to raising families and trying to keep afloat on an unhealthy amount of sleep. It doesn’t take a genius to realize why people are gaining weight, but it certainly seems as if 2015 is the year of being accepting of other’s differences; including those who are overweight.

Thanks to YouTube and various other social media platforms, thousands of overweight, regular, everyday folks are reclaiming their self-esteem publically and in doing so have started a trend of perhaps a better understanding as to what it may be like to live day to day carrying around a few extra pounds. Take Whitney Thore for example; she is the star of the reality show “My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life” on the TLC network. She is a thirty-something woman residing at home with her parents while she documents her journey back into the world of dance that she abandoned due to a health issue. Whitney lives with a disorder that caused her to begin adding pounds in college and to date has gained over 200lbs as a result.

Don’t start feeling sorry for her, because that isn’t what the show is about, or frankly what she is wanting to gain from it. Instead, Ms. Thore shows the nation what it’s like to accept life for what it gives you and continues living her life to the fullest not allowing anything (even an extra 200lbs) stop her from doing as she pleases. While watching the show, viewers get an inside peek at her having a very full social life, watching her attend medical appointments dealing with her health issues, her dating, and her teaching dance classes with more pizazz than most stick thin women ever could!

I don’t think anyone is condoning massive weight gains for anyone, as everyone is aware of the health implications that it can cause. What this show proves is that there are people that are overweight and do not lack one iota of confidence or allow any form of discrimination to shed darkness on their day. It also implies that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, as clearly Whitney can move about just fine and got to her current size as a result of an illness.

In a time where there is so much focus on frivolous actions such as getting a million likes on an Instagram photo, it’s refreshing to think there are still people in the world that are living their life with a purpose. She is also the mastermind behind the #nobodyshamecampaign which has exploded all over social media as a campaign to take back your confidence no matter what battles you’re fighting with your own image.

Whitney’s purpose is to educate the public about her disease, to pass on positivity, and to instill some level of acceptance for others just like her. Check out Whitney’s YouTube video of her dancing her heart out at 380lbs; and you can’t help but respect her. She is intelligent, funny, and spreading a positive message of acceptance that can translate into many worlds of discrimination –





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