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Soda Tax Growing in Popularity in Cities All Over America


Over the past few decades the overall health of the nation has seriously changed. Americans are fighting obesity rates that have never been this high, and it is affecting children now in huge numbers. Experts believe one of the biggest culprits in the cause for obesity shift has been sugary sodas. It’s undeniable to think they haven’t had an impact as you cannot go anywhere without seeing sodas being sold and drank. The newest thought to help curb this epidemic is to start placing a tax on buying soda products.

American cities have already gotten this tax approved and implemented in places such as Philadelphia, and Berkeley. Voting is scheduled for similar taxes to be in full swing in the fall for San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany as well. This was already attempted in San Fran back in 2014, but lost steam as it was not successful in earning the necessary two-thirds of votes in order to be approved.

Of course, this movement isn’t always going to attract a ton of fans from soda lovers to the American Beverage Association. Soda drinkers don’t feel that it is fair to single them out to tax their beloved beverages, and the ABA has started campaigns to support the opposite to their products contributing to diabetes and obesity threats.

KHM advises that sugary beverages have been noted as contributors to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity according to medical researchers, and the thought process behind taxing the drinks is obviously to deter the public from continuing to consume things that aren’t good for them. Fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, and an influx of health care costs.

The ABA is proclaiming that if cities start taxing soft drinks, then it opens up a world of taxing to ensue for thousands of other groceries that are potentially seen as bad for your health. Time will tell if this new taxation process will start to pave the way for cities across the country to start taking action against obesity and other health challenges by making it less desirable to purchase these products.


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