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A Spoonful of Sugar Keeps Your Hair and Scalp Refreshed and Brilliantly Clean!


Back in the 70’s all the girls were strongly advised to maintain beautiful, strong hair by keeping it clean and well groomed. Fast forward a few decades, and now you don’t even have to wash your hair for days if you use dry shampoo, and it’s totally acceptable! Dry shampoo saves you the time of popping in the shower in the morning, by soaking up all of those pesky roots that become oily overnight while you sleep. You spray a little on, rub it in, and off you go with this time saving technique, but is there an even better way to deep cleanse the hair when you do wash it in the shower? According to the Daily Mail, all you need is a spoonful of sugar to obtain the cleanest hair of your life!

The sugar technique is to be applied during the shampoo phase of the hair washing, and experts are weighing in that it greatly helps in getting all of that grime out of the scalp that can build up quickly over time. Styling products can easily get trapped all along the scalp and without performing a deep exfoliating scrubbing technique, the hair can leave that stuck in there for weeks. Talk about gross! Some utilize hair masks that can dot he job pretty well if you rub it in well, but for the most part, millions of people could use a decent scrubbing during their haircare routine.

Make sure that you rinse all of the sugar out of the hair properly, and you’re sure to notice smoother, cleaner hair after applying the new method. If you don’t scrub the scalp enough, it can lead to slow hair growth, irritation of the scalp, and troublesome hair that doesn’t look great upon styling it for the day. The sugar is considered an old trick, and one that works. If at any time you notice any irritation occurring as a result of the sugar scrubbing, then discontinue using it immediately and possibly consult with your hair dresser, or family doctor for any further follow up needed.





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