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Squatting With Your Dog Is The Newest Social Media Fitness Craze


If you have children living in your home, odds are over the past year you’ve witnessed them trying to flip water bottles upside down while the water bottle flip challenge has swept through the nation all during 2017. Then there was the cold water challenge where participants had to dump a bucket of cold water over their heads, in pursuit of earning donations for those living with the ALS condition. But, alas, there now is a fitness challenge that is not only adorable, but healthy for you too, that the WSLS 10 news team has reported called the “Squat Your Dog” challenge.

It’s pretty self explanatory, but basically the challenge is to take a video or photos of you holding your dog while doing squats. Sounds silly of course, but it’s one way to spend time with your furry friend while getting in some exercise at the same time. Now certainly, if your dog is a very large breed you may find this challenge impossible, so don’t strain yourself in the process of merely trying to take part in this internet challenge.

Dogs can weigh anywhere from just a few pounds, to well over 100 lbs, which could be a really excellent way of building those quad muscles! Squatting in general has become a huge fitness trend over the past year or two, as activities such as Crossfit continue to thrive encouraging members to find their inner athlete, and big strong, healthy physiques. This dog squatting is sure to continue all over the globe and only become a bigger social media tag over the summer, as it already is one the cutest ways to join in on one of these entertaining trends while getting your dog some Instagram fame!

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