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Starbucks To Appeal to a Healthier Clientele


When you think of the popular coffee chain, “Starbucks”, does healthy eating come to mind? Probably not, as most that frequent the establishment for a tasty treat. A frosty, whipped creamed frappuccino is usually not something you’re craving to add to your daily calorie intake when trying to get into shape. These tasty treats won’t hurt your waistline if you don’t make them a regular, or obsessive daily thing, but the coffee chain is well aware that many that don’t frequent their shops opt not to based on their own health needs. That may all start to change within the next few years.

Starbucks has recently developed their latest five year growth plan, which of course, includes more stores opening up, but it additionally incorporates more food menu items, and healthier choices for all patrons. Most of the new stores to come will be opening in China, which will make the massive corporation quite the leader in coffee shops. This would move Starbucks into the 50% range, as far as how many stores they have on a global scale. Fifty percent of the world will be covered in coffee bliss!

Yahoo News reported that Starbucks will be adding gluten free options, soups, wheat free egg products, and wraps. More iced coffee choices, and even an app feature coming that will allow the user to voice order their coffee and get a faster pick up service!

Starbucks may not be where you first consider for a healthy lunch break, but by this time next year, you just may be waiting in line to get a freshly prepared wrap with an iced coffee to quench your healthy lunch cravings.





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