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How To Stay On Your Fitness Routine During Vacation


For fitness enthusiasts, going on vacation means time away from your fitness routine. The end result: you come back from your holidays feeling flabby, tired, and weak. However, there is no need to fall off your fitness regimen, just because you are miles away from home! Here are some tips to keep you on track with physical activity, while on vacation.

Scout Hotels With A Quality Gym

If you are dedicated to your fitness routine, invest in it. Before you begin planning your holiday, do a little research into the accommodations you are thinking about staying at; many hotels and resorts now a days have excellent fitness facilities on-site, that can be used 24/7. Check out websites; or even call and inquire about a hotel’s gym. When narrowing down a decision regarding accommodations, make sure the hotel you choose has a gym with similar equipment that you use during your work out. Knowing that there is a fitness facility on site can be half the battle to ensuring you fit in some workouts while on vacation.

No Gym? No Problem

There might not be a gym or fitness facility at any hotels that you are planning to stay at; but this shouldn’t keep you from getting some workouts in. There are plenty of exercises you can do, without gym equipment. Do some research online, check out YouTube – you’d be amazed at the possibilities!


Just like anything in life, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! A structured vacation itinerary will not only keep your travel plans running smoothly, but if you schedule in some time for fitness; it will also keep you energized, refreshed, and mentally ready for anything! Ensure to be realistic when allotting time for exercise within your itinerary to guarantee success. Also, the time you take to exercise while on holidays doesn’t necessarily have to equal the same amount of time you take when you are at home. Even cutting your daily exercise routine in half while on vacation is enough to keep your body feeling good, while still taking the time to enjoy all the wonderful things you have planned for your vacation.

Skip The Bus Tour

Stay active on your vacation by partaking in physical activities, while exploring your destination location. At a resort? Take long walks along the beach while snapping pictures; join the group volleyball game; or just enjoy a few laps at the pool in the morning. Explore the city, town or village you are visiting by taking long walks in their downtown district; you can also find a local park or conservation area, and take a hike in, while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you. Not only will you remain active while on vacation; you will also be soaking up the local culture as well!





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