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Stay on Track With Your Health This Thanksgiving


It’s that time! The day has finally come, for millions of American families across the country to greet family they haven’t seen in months, and sit down for quite possibly the most anticipated meal of the meal with those they love. Thanksgiving means giving thanks and appreciation for the people and wonderful joys you’ve been given in life. It’s also when your diet can go from good to dreadful in one swift hour of stuffing and pie eating. Before you start sobbing over the smell of sweet potatoes, know that there are ways to get through the day without skimping out on your favorite meals.

The Washington Times suggests the most obvious method to staying healthy over the holidays, which is to plan ahead. Keeping your fitness level and diet on point for a few days prior to the big feast can make a world of difference. For instance, if you start prepping on Sunday for the eating to occur on Thursday, that gives you four days to workout a little bit harder than usual to allow for some additional calories.

Dieting doesn’t have to equate starving for days either, as simply replacing your daily drinks with water can decrease your daily caloric intake by hundreds if not over a thousand calories a day just in drinks alone. Skip the luscious signature coffee drink you get every morning on the way to work that is loaded with calories, and save the calories for your Thanksgiving meal instead.

Drink plenty of water the day of the big feast, as it will not only help with the digestion of the foods, but it will also make your fuller prior to eating anything. Another excellent tip is to stay moving after you eat. This doesn’t equate going for a run after Thanksgiving dinner, (unless you want to, then go for it!) but just getting up to help with the dishes, or walk a family dog, or play outside with your young family members around for the day. Any method to stay active after eating just to get some steps in, will make a huge difference! You can do it! Enjoy your delicious stuffing, and turkey without guilt by using these tips.

The team at RMHealthy wishes everyone a healthy, and joyful Thanksgiving!





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