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Streaming Fitness Videos Offer Excercise Alternative


For those looking to start an exercise routine, but may not have the money for an expensive gym membership or the time to work around the limited hours of access a gym brings, fitness experts provide a viable alternative: streaming fitness videos. Physical activities that can be done at home or while travelling, online fitness videos provide unlimited options that range from Zumba, to yoga, to strength training moves.

It’s increasingly becoming the wave of the future, thanks to the flexibility it provides; something that organized fitness classes and gyms do not. Streaming fitness videos can be perfect for those who may not live near a gym, travel a lot, have unconventional work hours, or are simply intimidated by a fitness gym. All you need is device with access to the internet, and away you go. You can now schedule your fitness routine around your own life, and all you may need is your smartphone to do so. In addition to streaming channels like YouTube, fitness programs can also be found on downloadable apps on your mobile devices.

However, as with any new fitness routine, there are some challenges to streaming fitness videos. First, there is the issue regarding distractions when working out at home (i.e. watching television, getting on the phone); not to mention other family members interrupting your workout. Another problem is the fact that those who purchase gym memberships will try to make an effort to go, so as not to ‘waste’ their investment; while procrastinators may not see the value in online videos when it comes to starting and remaining consistent to their new exercise routine. Others may feel overwhelmed with the video options available, and refrain from choosing or sticking to a program. Then there is the problem of streaming said fitness videos for those who live outside of urban centers with a weak Internet connection.

Crunch, an American fitness chain, may have come up with a viable compromise. It currently streams approximately 65 videos of various signature workouts it has for those who may not be able to physically come into their gym. The service is free to those with a Crunch membership, and costs non-members $9.95 a month. It provides an excellent alternative for individuals who are looking to get into shape, but cannot purchase a gym membership for one reason or another.





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