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Are Stretch Mark Creams Really Worth The Money?


Undoubtedly pregnancy is one of the most amazing developments that the female body can produce. It’s a magical time for Mothers-to-be watching their bodies change right before their very eyes, growing this new family member with nothing but excitement. While creating a tiny human is a beautiful experience, it can also be incredibly daunting on the Mommy.

Weight gain occurs with all pregnancies during different times, with some women gaining the most early on in the first or second trimesters, and other Moms only remotely appearing to be pregnant during the final home stretch of the the third trimester. Regardless of your pre-pregnancy body weight, millions of ladies struggle with their changing bodies and stretch marks. These tiger stripes can grow along the tummy area just where the baby is taking up space, and they can also develop along the breasts, the hips, the buttocks areas as well. Each Mom is going to have a different pregnancy, and while some women embrace their marks as a badge of honor, others have a really hard time accepting them wanting them to go away as fast as possible.

Can you get rid of stretch marks? It’s a yes and no topic, as that depends on what you’re willing to do to erase them. Some opt for the laser treatment at a plastic surgeon’s office to ensure they won’t have to see the marks anymore, and some go for the less expensive over the counter creams and serums. Dermatologists reveal that the trick to this process is to start using creams during the very beginning of your pregnancy so that you are way ahead of the game. Trying to lather on some “miracle” cream at eight or nine months along isn’t going to be very beneficial, as you must start training the texture and elasticity of the skin before your tummy actually starts to sprout. featured Chrissy Teigen for instance, the stunning wife of John Legend recently had her second child, and was very candid about her experience using creams and somehow she still managed to develop some stretch marks as a result of her pregnancy.

As you can see, it might be one of those things that varies from person to person. You could be one of the fortunate ones that use the over the counter products and have great success, or you could use them diligently throughout your pregnancy, and still end up with some tiger stripes. The best option is to not spend a small fortune on the products until you see firsthand if they are working. And if you do have some marks after birthing your little one, fear not as your body just did something incredible and more and more women are embracing their stretch marks and using social media as a vehicle to empower new moms. You make the choice in the end, either cover them up if you wish, or wear them with pride. You did Mom, you made a beautiful tiny human being and this is a small price to pay for such a wonderful blessing!





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