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Studies: More Coffee = Longer Life


Great news for coffee lovers, two new studies have recently revealed that increased coffee consumption might lead to a longer life.

The first, which also happens to be the biggest pooling study of its kind when it comes to mortality and coffee, surveyed over 520,000 individuals spanning 10 countries in Europe; while the second study involved more than 185,000 individuals with the following backgrounds: Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, as well as Caucasians. The goal of the second study was to review coffee and its effects when it came to differing races.

As per the second study, those who drank 2-4 cups of coffee daily decreased their risk of death by 18 percent, versus those that did not consume coffee. Lead author of the study, Veronica Wendy Setiawan, stated that these results are in line with past research that looked mostly at white populations only. The current study revealed a solid biological likelihood when it came to longevity and coffee, revealing that mortality was inversely linked to coffee intake when it came to stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory disease.

The research that took place within those countries in Europe showed an inverse link when it came to coffee and cancer in females, male suicide, liver disease, circulatory diseases, and digestive illnesses. Individuals who drank three plus cups of coffee daily decreased their risk when it came to all-cause mortality versus those who did not consume the hot beverage.

CNN reported that as Marc Gunter, European study co-author stated, coffee is a multifaceted mix of compounds, some which have been found in research to have biological effects. Past research shows that specific compounds can have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that can decrease the risk for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

When it came to the European countries research, those who consumed coffee did have decreased levels when it came to inflammation, healthy lipid, and enhanced glucose control when compared to individuals who did not consume the hot beverage. Still, it is unknown which compounds offer these health benefits, but Gunter revealed he would like to investigate this further.

Both research teams divided the nonsmokers from the smokers as this bad habit is known to affect mortality, can negatively affect one’s health, and is connected to a variety of conditions. Still, it was revealed that coffee inversely affected a smoker’s mortality too.

Well, this is enough reason to keep filling that coffee mug, daily! Coffee tastes good, keeps you on task, and increases your lifespan? Bottoms up!





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