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Study: Close to 1,300 US Kids Die Yearly, Due To Guns


A recent study reveals that close to 5,800 kids across America hit an emergency room and receive medical care for gun-related injuries, annually. Approximately 21 percent of these cases are unintentional. These are national numbers stemming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Vital Stats System, looking over death certificates from 2012 to 214.

During this time, close to 1,300 kids passed away annually due to gun injury in the United States, as well.

CNN reported that the doctors have chimed in, stating that methods to store and secure firearms, safely away from kids, are highly recommended for those homes where parents own guns.

When it comes to non-fatal gun-related injuries, data was reviewed from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

The study teamed looked at injuries and fatalities within kids up to 17 years of age, and reviewed data trends that happened from 2002 to 2014.

When it came to fatalities, three percent were connected to ‘undetermined’ factors or law enforcement; six percent were not intentional; 38 percent were suicide-related; and 53 percent were homicides. When it came to injuries, three percent were caused by self-harm; five percent were deemed undetermined or because of law enforcement; 21 percent were unintentional; and 71 percent were caused by assault.

Looking at gender demographics, boys were responsible for 82 percent of deaths and 84 percent of nonfatal gun-related injuries. Additionally, children of African-American descent had the highest homicide gun-related rates, while Caucasian and Native American kids and the highest rate for gun-related suicide.

Generally, the study team discovered that kids aged 13 to 17 had 12 times the increased rate when it came to fatal gun-related numbers, versus those kiddos, 12 and under.
The team did note that their research and findings had limitations. An example of this is unintentional gun-related deaths could be underreported, and gun-related injuries that are not treated in a healthcare facility or hospital were not included; so, this could skew the numbers they reviewed.

As per the study findings, the numbers suggest that approximately 19 kids die daily or are treated in a hospital emergency room due to a gunshot wound. Worldwide, 91 percent of kids killed due to guns in 2010 were from the United States. This as per a published study in the American Journal of Medicine in 2016.





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