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Study Dives Into Idea Of Money And Happiness


Money can’t buy you love, but can it buy you happiness? Some may think it does; however, new research suggests that it all depends on how much money and what kind of happiness you are looking for.

A study stemming from the University of California dives into the different range of happy emotions that are linked to various incomes. What was revealed is that money can buy differing levels of happiness for differing individuals. The idea is high-income versus low-income happiness degrees and what kind of happiness people are truly searching for.

Medical News Today recently revealed that the co-author of the study, Paul K. Piff noted that having a higher income does have its advantages including life satisfaction and improved health; however, he did question whether or not it is linked to greater happiness.

The study dove into this question, where the research team pooled over 1,500 Americans via a survey. The questions posed to the participants were around seven positive emotions that centered around happiness, which were: awe, amusement, compassion, love, contentment, pride, and enthusiasm. The participants replied to questions that were crafted to analyze the level in which they aimed to feel these emotions. Participants were also asked about household income.

What was revealed is that those with high-level incomes were likelier to feel emotions focused on themselves like amusement, pride, and contentment. On the other side of the coin, participants with lower-level incomes geared towards emotions centered around others, like love and compassion. Lower income participants were also more likely to experience awe as well.

As it seems, the results revealed that money does buy a more ‘individual’ sense of happiness; however, Piff was quick to note that wealth was not necessarily linked to happiness. He also added that while it does offer different levels of happiness, where individuals with wealth feel a positive emotion around status, accomplishments, and individual achievements, those with less wealth seem to find happiness within relationships and connections with others.

Therefore, having money seems to adhere to only a type of happiness, for certain people.





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