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Study: Dogs Rush To Their Humans When Upset


We all love our furry babies and a new study reveals even more reasons as to why they are a man’s best friend. Recent research suggests that dogs will not only pick up on when a human is upset, but will try to move fast to help them in any way possible.

In fact, the study showed that pups will move faster than usual when they hear their owners cry, versus when they sing a tune or act relatively normal.

While the research pool was small, with a group of 34 owners and their dogs of ranging sizes, breeds, ages; the results had a huge impact. The study had the dogs divided into two groups, where the canine was put in a rectangular room next to a smaller square room. In the square room sat the dog’s owner, seemingly ‘trapped’. The dog was able to hear and see their human via a clear door of Plexiglas.

The owner was told to utter the words ‘help’ in a tone that was distressed in one group at intervals lasting 15 second, while trying to make sounds of crying. Meanwhile, the other group, the owner simply said ‘help’ in a normal tone during intervals of the same time period.
The door had three magnets attached to it, which made it easy for the pup to get it open with its paw or nose.

The team discovered that while the numbers of dogs in both groups were similar in terms of opening the door, there was a tremendous difference in how quickly the pups tried to get to their owners between the two. Those owners that showed signs of distress had dogs who tried to open the door at a general rate of just over 23 seconds, while the other group averaged well over 95 seconds.

There wasn’t a big difference in how the pups responded due to breed, age, or whether or not they were a therapy dog, in fact, close to half of the canines used in the research project (16) were nationally certified as therapy dogs.

CNN reported that while the team wasn’t sure what the motivating factor for opening the door was, they can comment that the dogs that were exposed to the crying were quicker to find their humans, versus the other group; clearly revealing that the dogs were taking action when their owners showed signs of distress.

If you haven’t bought that special toy or bone for your furry best friend, better get to it right away; clearly, dogs are in tune with their humans more than we understand.





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