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Study: “Geekiness” Inherited By Older Dads


Are you considered a ‘geek boy’? If so, it may be because of your older dad. A recent study reveals that male boys are likelier to inherit geekiness, thanks to older fathers.

Over 7,700 twins were surveyed in the study, which suggested that the geek status was 57 percent inherited through parents, especially in boys with older dads. The kiddos were reviewed at 12 years of age based on repetitive and restrictive behaviors as well as nonverbal intelligence.

CNN reported that the scores were placed and collected into an index for ‘geekiness’ where children with high IQs, strong levels of focus, and little concern around fitting in, ranked the highest.

The geek index rose for those with dads who were 35 years or older when their offspring were conceived. Sons with dads 50 years and plus at conception were 32 percent likelier to get a high score when it came to the ‘geek’ factor, versus the kiddos of dads who were 25 years of age or younger.

Alternatively, females with older dads within the survey did not significantly score high numbers on the index of geekiness. According to co-study author, Magdalena Janecka, this could be due to how the study defined the geek term or biology in females that resist these characteristics. Does this mean girls can fluff off their geekiness? Anything is possible, perhaps.

In all seriousness, it has been reported that geek inheritability ties in with a parental units’ geek-like traits, as well as mutations that form within the sperm of older dads. Mutation can occur as men age, and sperm reproduces, offering increased opportunities in DNA replication. While the research did see mutation presence, the study team also believes the geekiness developed due to family characteristics.

Still, according to Janecka, if these older dads of geeks thought of having children when they were younger, the kiddos would still have an increased chance of developing geeky personalities. It’s in their DNA after all!

Geekiness might not be the worst thing in the world to inherit from your father … look at North America’s fascination with Harry Potter? He’s built an empire from being geeky!





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