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Study: Getting Up Every 30 Mins. Can Reduce Mortality Risks


This is definitely something you will want to read if you are desk bound for most of the day. A new study reveals that getting out of your chair every 30 minutes can assist in the reduction of harmful inactivity issues. The research revealed that U.S. adults spend over 12 hours daily, simply sitting. In fact, the more time spent in a seat, the more this increases risks of early death. Still, the team discovered that getting up every 30 minutes could potentially decrease the harmful effects that too much sitting can cause.

The study team, stemming from NYC’s Columbia University Medical Center, reviewed data of just over 7,980 individuals, both black and white, aged 45 plus years old. The study followed these participants for approximately four years.

Activity for each individual was reviewed via a hip-mounted accelerometer and they used the information to figure out how long each person spent sitting in intervals and the total time they sat daily. It was revealed that each participant of the study spent a little over 12 hours sitting daily; this was out of the 16 hours they were awake each day. The sedentary behavior periods averaged just over 11 minutes.

It’s important to note, while follow up on participants, 340 of them in total had died.
The research team discovered that along with total sedentary time, long periods of sedentary behavior were linked to a heightened risk of all-cause deaths.

Still, during their follow up, the team discovered that adults who kept periods of sitting to below 30-minute intervals were at a decreased risk of all-cause death.

Medical News Today reported that the research team has stated that the findings reveal that getting up from your seat and moving each half hour may help when it comes to the risks associated with lengthy sitting. As such, the team feels that fitness guidelines that are currently at hand should be changed to offer recommendations that focus on reducing long periods of sitting. Right now, the American guidelines encourage that adults participate in 150 minutes of moderate-strength activity weekly, or 75 minutes of vigorous-strength; in addition to two or more muscle-strengthening workouts, weekly.

So, if you are reading this from your desk … switch to your mobile or tablet and get up … and get moving! It could help you live longer!





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