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Study: Good Brain Health For Males Who Eat Their Fruits & Veggie


According to a new study that followed a large group of males for over twenty years, men that ensure to eat their fruits and vegetables just might be doing wonders for their brain.
The research, which stems out of Boston’s Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reviewed figures from a study that pooled just over 27,840 for about 26 years.

Medical News Today revealed that participants were asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding their drink and food intake prior to the study, which launched in 1986, when the males were 51 years old (average), and then asked to fill out surveys about every four years until 2002. The follow up portion of the study ran until 2012, in which by that time, the ages averaged to about mid-late 70s.
The men also completed test during the final years of follow up, to review their memory and thinking capabilities.

What was revealed was that those males that consumed increased amounts of specific drinks and foods were linked to a lower risk of memory decline, as well as thinking skills.
The foods strongly linked to this were dark orange and red veggies, leafy greens, orange juice, as well as berried fruits.

The study team divided the males up into five groups as per their veggie and fruit consumption. The group of males that ate the most veggies was at approximately six serving each day, while the group that ate the least hit about two servings; meanwhile when it came to fruit, the highest daily consumption group hit about three servings, and the lowest was at half-a-serving, daily.

The men in the group of the highest consumption of vegetables were 34% less likely to have experienced a decrease in memory function, as per the researchers tests. Additionally, those males that consumed the most fruit daily were least likely to have poor scores in their memory tests.

While the team could not conclude that eating a lot of veggies and fruits can reduce the chances of memory loss, the links and findings definitely point to the idea that consuming these foods in abundance can help avert memory loss and strengthen brain function over time.





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