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Study: Link Found With Red Meat & Strokes


A recent study stemming from Germany’s University of Wurzburg revealed that males who eat approximately 3.3 ounces of red meat daily (about the size of that computer mouse sitting next to your laptop), have an 62% increased risk of getting an ischemic stroke, versus those men who only eat about 1.7 ounces each day.

Ischemic stroke happens to an individual when the body’s blood vessels, which supply blood to the brain, are blocked due to increased protein. As a result, a clot is formed that inhibits oxygen and additional nutrients to the brain. Eating red meat enhances the risks for a blockage of this type of stroke to occur, meanwhile protein from seafood, poultry, nuts or legumes, does not.

To find the connection between this stroke and protein, the research team reviewed dietary protein consumption numbers and self-reported food frequency questionnaires of Americans (middle-aged) who did not necessarily have the risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, or strokes. The research began in 1987 and followed individuals who participated, until 2011.

During this time period, close to 700 strokes were noted amongst the just over 11,600 participants. The researchers reviewed those who ate the least amount of red meat daily, 1.7 ounces, compared them to those who consumed the most (3.3 ounces), and then studied them against the reported cases of strokes.

According to the team at Eat This, it was discovered that the chances of a stroke for men who consumed the largest amount of red meat was 41% more than that of the women. When females were taken out of the equation, the risk was 62% more.

For all those meat lovers out there (that may be freaking out right about now), it’s important to note that the study was based on naturalistic observation only; meaning the team had zero control over other elements, and did not have any predictions on how taking red meat out of one’s diet could reduce future strokes.

As the adage goes, ‘eat up, buttercup’! If you like red meat, there is no point to taking it out of your diet completely. However, like anything else in life, there should be moderation.

Perhaps limiting your red meat consumption, versus eliminating it out of your diet all together, is the way to go.





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