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Study: Mediterranean Diet Is Also Good For Bones


We’ve all heard of the health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet, but recent research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine online, has now revealed it is also good for your bones. The study focused on the affects the diet has on bone health for women that are postmenopausal, and it revealed those females who followed the Mediterranean diet were less at risk when it came to hip fractures.

The diet focusses on reaching for olive oil (versus butter), and consuming more fish, fruit and veggies, beans, nuts, and unrefined grains. Minimizing dairy consumption, as well as unsaturated fats and meats is a must; but it also encourages red win at dinnertime … so the diet certainly does have some pretty cool perks.

The study reviewed data from 40 clinical centers across the U.S., and included over 90,000 females, averaging 64 years of age. At the start of the study, the female participants went into detail regarding their diets, in a Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) food frequency survey. The research team then evaluated the women’s diets, and placed these patterns within four well-known healthy diets, where the Mediterranean diet was one of them, as well as the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH).

Close to 16 years after the data review, over 2,100 hip fracture cases were reported, and over 28,700 total cases of fractures came to fruition as well. The results revealed that the women that followed the Mediterranean diet were 0.29 percent less likely to have a hip fracture, versus the females who weren’t on the diet. The other three diets revealed no success in this regard.

CNN reported that this recent study helps create an even stronger case that the Mediterranean diet could provide further health benefits; as it has been proven in the past that the diet not only helps with weight loss and control, it aids with brain health, and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.





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