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Study: Moderate Coffee Intake Can Protect Against Certain Illnesses


For coffee lovers, the beverage is the end all and be all when it comes many morning routines across the globe. Coffee can help a perk a person up for the many activities they need to get done; it can offer a certain hope that despite lack of sleep, one can be productive, as long as they have their cup of brew in hand.

Still, thanks to research, coffee is proving to be more than just a nice cup of caffeine in the morning (mid-morning, afternoon, or even early evening) – it can also protect against specific illnesses and extend one’s mortality.

In fact, studies are now proving that moderate coffee intake might help an individual against Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular illnesses, and diabetes.

Moderate consumption, which is proven to be beneficial, is defined by three to five cups daily; however, some people indulge in six-plus cups of the caffeinated brew each day, which leaves the question: would these indulgent individuals still benefit from the protective powers (against illness) that coffee brings when drinking more than a moderate consumption?

To boot, there are those individuals with genetic variations that change the way they break down or ‘metabolize’ coffee … therefore, how are they affected by coffee and the differing types of coffee (i.e. decaffeinated, instant, ground), are a factor as well.

Rockville’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) researchers, as well as researchers from Bethesda’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) (both in Maryland) decided to dive into some projects to get some answers to these coffee questions.

Medical News Today revealed that the teams discovered drinking coffee does in fact lower the chance of death, and found that this decrease extended to even those who drank eight-plus cups of coffee daily.

Interestingly enough, it also had the same effects to those who metabolized caffeine at an increased or decreased rate from the norm, working across all differing types of coffee; still, the benefits decreased slightly when it came to instant.

So, what have we all learned, thanks to this recent study? Never, ever, doubt the benefits of coffee! Not only can it keep you wide awake for the incredible work day ahead, it also can help extend one life’s span. What sort of crazy magic do those coffee beans possess? Clearly, something pretty special!






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