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Study: Too Much Sleep Could Be Bad For Your Heart


For those who love their sleep, you may want to read on. According to a recent study, more than eight hours of sleep per night could enhance the risk of heart disease.

Studies have revealed that those individuals who get eight or more hours of sleep each night could increase their chances of the disease by 34%; while those who get about four hours of shut-eye or less can be 35% more likelier to have heart issues.

In the past, research has indicated that sleep deprivation could be linked to blood pressure, adrenaline emission, or stress; all indicators that could enhance the risk of cardiovascular problems. Still, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology research team, those responsible for the study, are still puzzled as to why there is a connection with more sleep, and heart disease.

The team reviewed data from 400,000 adults in Taiwan, via medical record check-ups, from1994 and 2011. The individuals were 20 years of age or more, and were asked the length of sleep they received at nights.
The results revealed that the individuals who slept from six to eight hours nightly had an increased chance of dying due to heart issues. In fact, during follow-ups, the study team discovered that over 700 of the participants died at the result of cardiovascular conditions.

Interestingly enough, MSN reported that the researchers also found that females had even more of an increased risk, versus their male counterparts. Lead study author Dr. Linn Beate Strand notes this could be because females tend to have more sleep issues than men, as past studies have indicated that females who have too much or too little sleep can enhance their risk of cardiovascular issues.

Strand also states that the results of the study reveal that enough sleep, yet not too much, is needed to maintain a healthy life.





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