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Study: Neti Pot Can Help With Chronic Sinusitis


Lovers of their neti pots rejoice! According to a recent study, the magical pot with saline solution can help dramatically when it comes to chronic sinusitis. In fact, the research revealed that individuals who used neti pots were able to continue seeing results, well over six months later.

Lead author, Dr. Paul Little noted that in addition to improved symptoms around sinuses, patients experienced less headaches, a decrease in over-the-counter medications, as well as less of a need to visit a doctor, when it came to sinusitis attacks they may experience in the future.

While sinus issues may seem minor compared to other medical conditions, symptoms can cause sufferers a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Pressure, nasal blockage, mucus, ear pressure, tooth pain, headaches, and fever are just a few of the symptoms – and more often than not, sinusitis can be hard to treat. While antibiotics are sometime handed out for this condition, there is a huge underlying issue that centers around antibiotic resistance; and doctors are prescribing this type of medication, less and less. The end result is a need for a solution to this condition, without the need to prescribe antibiotics; especially when sinusitis tend to reoccur in most patients.

The research team gathered individuals for their study, and assigned them to four specific groups: daily nasal saline irrigation (neti pot), daily steam inhalation, usual care, or combined treatments (including steam and neti pot). With close to 900 people involved, the participants were broken down as such: with 219 in a nasal irrigation; 210 individuals in the usual care group; 232 in steam inhalation; and 210 that used both neti pots and steam, combined.

Patients were asked to rank symptoms, and the study team followed up with participants in and around three to six months after, with about three-quarters of the individuals offering their scores.

CNN reported that after three months participants that used nasal irrigation (neti pots) had a higher decrease in symptoms, versus those who didn’t use this care method at all. After six months, a higher rate of neti pot users continued with a ten-point symptom improvement, and reported less over-the-counter meds.

In terms of steam inhalation, this method did help to decrease headaches, however did not have an effect on other sinus-related symptoms.

Dr. Richard Harvey, Macquarie University, not involved in this study, stated that other research has revealed a solid impact in decreasing inflammation when nasal irrigation is used, along with simple saline solution, after a sinus surgery.





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