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Study: Non-stick Cookware Linked To Weight Increase


While parents everywhere love the easier clean up that non-stick cookware brings, new research indicates that the chemicals found in these pans and pots could also be linked to weight again.
As per the study, perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are found in non-stick pans and pots, as well as some fast food wrappers, and stain-resistant carpeting. Researchers have stated that the chemical has been linked to increased weight gain in some patients.

The research team noted that their findings seem to indicate that these environmental chemicals could play a part in the obesity epidemic. They added that the persistence within the PFASs in the human body and environment, as well as their possible adverse effects, continue to be a concern for public health.

CBS recently reported that the study team analyzed over 620 overweight participants who underwent a weight loss plan that lasted six months. Researchers discovered that after 18 months, these dieting participants re-gained close to half the weight they lost. Results did vary; however, the research findings showed that females with high PFAS levels within their systems gained the most weight back. In fact, while the difference between the genders and weight gain did surprise the research team, they also noted that those females with high PFAS levels gained close to five pounds more than those with lower PFAS levels.

It’s important to note, the study did not find the reason behind why PFASs affect an individual’s metabolism, but did find a visible weight gain pattern within individuals who had a higher level of this chemical within their system.

Meanwhile, the team does state that it’s pretty impossible to avoid non-stick chemicals as they in so many items, but reducing PFASs by staying away from fast-food wrappers and things like microwavable popcorn can decrease one’s exposure.





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