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Study: Pasta Is Linked To Lower BMI


A study coming out of Italy (of all places), is linking pasta to a lower mass body index (BMI).
After reviewing data from over 23,000 participants, the Italian research team discovered that those who ate pasta were less likely to be obese, or even overweight.

MSN reports that the results of their research were revealed in Nutrition and Diabetes, and the researchers stated that their study coincided with a recent study which focused on nutrient intakes and food, as well as BMI. The study involved close to 1,800 middle-aged American adults, and also revealed a similar result when it came to pasta intake and BMI.

While in the past, pasta has received a bad rep, known for its ‘empty’ carb calories, that may not be the case, after all. One cup of pasta offers over six grams of protein, as well as some calcium and potassium nutrients as well. When it comes to whole wheat pasta, one cup can also offer iron, a variety of B vitamins, and close to 25 percent of the folic acid and fiber an individual requires for the day.

In addition, past studies have also revealed the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and its link to decreasing one’s risk of a stroke and heart attack, as well as, decreasing the rate of brain aging. As pasta continues to be a staple in this regional diet, these Italian researchers decided to dive deeper into the potential positive health effects of this food.

Breaking down their participants into two groups, they reviewed data from just over 14, 400 participants, 35+ years in age, from the Molise religion; and participants were selected randomly, from Italy’s Adriatic coast. The other group was just over 8,900 random participants, 18+ years age, from all across the rest of the country.

When all was said and done, the study revealed that pasta intake assisted in women and men, staying on track, when it comes to a healthy diet. Still, those who overdid their pasta intake, didn’t achieve the same results. While the team did not specify how much pasta was ‘too much’, they did say, from their data, there is no connection between pasta intake, and an increased BMI.

The moral of the study? Eating pasta, in controlled amounts, is okay; both for your taste buds and your figure. So don’t restrict yourself; but try not overindulge … a carb-overload is never a good thing … not only for the scale, but how you will feel afterward!





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